An otter complains about being held while eating, but continues to eat. [Otter life Day 554]

Otters can be quite ferocious, so if you touch them while they are eating, they usually bite you.
I have been living with Aty for two years now. I no longer get bitten when I hold him during meals.
The more time we spend together, the more Aty evolves!
By the way, Ui still bites 100% of the time when I put my hand out while she’s eating.
I’m going to have to slowly get her used to me.

★Aty’s movie when he was little.

Looking back on life with the otter Aty [Otter life Day 48] カワウソアティとの生活を振り返る

I remember when I used to get bitten just for putting my hands on him while he is playing…

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