Otter Cafe in Tokyo: Harry Zoo (Episode #7)

This is Harry Zoo, an extremely cute animal cafe in the heart of the Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan. They have squirrels, chinchillas and hedgehogs. I specifically came here for their adorable little otters. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Photos and extra tips on my blog:

Prices start at 1500 yen, around 13 bucks for 30 minutes, or pay double for 1 hour. Tiny snack buckets start at 330 yen, roughly 3 bucks. Feeding the otters is so cute, they act like winy little babies.

Don’t feel bad for those otters in this small cages, otters are stone-cold killers, they even have a tendency to kill and mate with poor baby seals for weeks according to the reports in the video.

Don’t forget to grab a free drink, they have a wide variety from coffee to juice in the vending machines.

Visiting the otters at Harry Zoo otter cafe in Harajuku should definitely be on your bucket list when you come to Tokyo.

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