Sea Otters DO NOT Share! #shorts

#seaotters #shorts #kpassionate
Sea otters are known for a lot of things; voracious appetites, adorable fuzzy faces, but sharing their treats is not one of them! Our sea otters love ice treats and Kunik here is a firm believer in every otter for themselves!

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Kunik and all the otters in this video were rescued when they were extremely young after being abandoned or separated from their moms. After their rehabilitation, federal agencies like the NOAA in the US or the Department of Fisheries Canada, deemed them non-releasable due to the fact that they lack the skills to survive in the wild.

In the wild, sea otters will often eat the shells of clams, mussels, and sea urchins. These rough shells help keep their teeth clean by scraping away plaque and debris. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to give the shells to sea otters under human care. This is because we carefully examine the quality and quantity of their food. Something that isn’t always possible with shellfish unless the shells have been removed. That’s one of the reason we give the sea otters these ice treats! Chewing on ice simulates the hard shells. It helps keep their teeth clean! Plus, ice helps these otters stay cool during the warm summer months.

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