Tibur The Rescued Pet Otter Bites A Lot

After successfully rescuing Tibur from a poacher and preparing to sell her to China. This is my 3rd-day taking care of Tibur, I don’t understand why they intend to sell this ferocious otter overseas. What will happen to her when she meets her Chinese owner? If she hadn’t met me, she would have been beaten to death. Tibur often panics with noise and fast movement. She will bite anything that comes close and passes by too fast. This also proves that Tibur has the perfect instincts of a wild otter. Tibur reacts quickly and is easily agitated by loud noises. If she is able to return to the wild, she will surely have many opportunities to escape poachers. Her rescuing is done, now it’s time for care and training and finally release. All these 4 stages need maintenance funding, that’s why all wildlife sanctuaries in the world don’t want to adopt baby animals, but they will let professional animal rescuers like me care for them. They gave me a license to work, but when the animals can return to the wild I have to release them. Do not tie, confine, or keep them as pets. So you see the otters like Titi are not tied up like other otter pets in the world. I really need your attention and support during this time. Because I have had a hard time over the years preserving otters, langurs, pangolins, and monkeys in the mangroves. Buy super thanks and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to help me build a community that cares about and loves wildlife.