Otter having a big athletic meet in a huge bath [Otter Life Day 820]

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A group of otters enjoying a trip to a hot spring.
The otters were allowed to enter the hot spring just before the baths were cleaned.
Ui is so excited that for some reason she keeps mistaking Aty for Kotaro.
Captain Aty is only seeing Kotaro.
Chaos in many ways.

This time, we were allowed to stay overnight on a special day when the facility was closed.
Aty and Ui are using the open-air baths and large bath all with the permission.
If you are staying with animals, please check with the facility each time whether you are allowed to use the open-air baths and beds.

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Aty: A little boy otter who came to our house at the age of 9 months.
At first he couldn’t even swim in the river, but now he loves the river more than anything else and swims in it all year round.
Whenever we go out, he always walks ahead of everyone, so he has come to be called “Captain Aty”.

Ui: A tomboy with comical movements.
Because of her ferocious nature, she had to go from one owner to another.
At first, she was so ferocious that Aty was too frightened to even touch her.
But Ui opened up to us and now she and Aty make out every day.
Aty and Ui have been issued a certificate of registration as an internationally rare wild animal and plant species.

Although Ui may appear calm today, she used to be so ferocious that people could not approach her.
After more than a year of being bitten, she finally came to live with us.
Otters are very intelligent and watch the people around them very carefully.
They will never open their hearts to you if you only have a superficial relationship with them.
They are also very active animals and require several hours of exercise per day.
They need to be walked outside or swam in the river for two to three hours every day.
The amount of exercise they get inside the house will never be enough to satisfy their needs.
Please do your research on otters before you think that “I want to keep one.”
You need to think carefully about whether you can face them with your life.

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