Otters Shed a Tear as They Hug to Make Up!

Otter Odashi and Otsuyu were very close twin sisters who had been together since birth. It was really impressive to see them hugging each other.

カワウソの双子、可愛すぎるハグ!! Otter twins' HUG!!

When Otsuyu gave birth to Wasabi and Namida last year, Odashi was present at the birth, and eventually Odashi even started to produce breast milk, so Odashi and Otsuyu worked together to raise both babies.

カワウソの赤ちゃんに栄養を!【生後3日目】 Otter baby needs nutrition a lot!【Day 3】

However, Otsuyu’s bad habit (plucking her own hair) did not go away, and she even started plucking the hair of her own children, Wasabi and Namida. Seeing Wasabi and Namida crying in pain, Odashi became furious with Otsuyu. They had a fight.

Sad News, The Twin Otters Got into a Real Fight…

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