MOCO and YUMMY🐶 | Corgi Caught Peeking 偷看 | Flying MOCO Shorts 爆笑飛狗MOCO (2023)

What exactly is MOCO looking at? Come and make a duet with him! 有什麼大驚小怪的?快來一起合拍吧!

When a little girl YUMMY met a little corgi MOCO one day, there starts the funniest and happiest chapter of the lives. Although MOCO is just a dog, he has a dream of flying all the time. Whether happy or sad, they are always there for each other. This collection is full of warm and funny moments. Subscribe for more fun content! 小女孩YUMMY一家與一只擁有“飛天”夢想的小柯基飛狗MOCO,這個系列充滿溫馨搞笑的日常。他們一起開心,一起煩惱,在相互有愛的陪伴中共探成長難題。

Hey guys! I’m MOCO Aifay– welcome to MOCO’s happy world. So glad to meet you here!🐶🐶
嘿,朋友們! 我是MOCO Aifay -歡迎來到MOCO的歡樂世界!

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Hanfu Cosplay show 汉服变装 | Flying MOCO 飞狗MOCO(2021)👌 🌈👀 🌈🐶 🌈

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