The secret to stopping puppy biting!

The secret to stopping puppy biting…

…you don’t.

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Biting is normal, not naughty, and can last 5 months or longer.

Puppies often bite because they are teething, and biting is how they explore the world.

But here is how you manage it:

1) Appropriate exercise – the general rule of thumb is puppies can exercise 5 minutes per month of age, up to twice a day. So if you had a 3-month-old puppy, two 15-minute exercise sessions would be ideal. This rule applies until your puppy is full grown.

2) Mental stimulation – if your puppy starts biting or, better yet, is about to start biting, pivot to a quick training session or enrichment toys.

3) Redirect – use an appropriate chew such as a tug or, my favorite, a bully stick with a Bow Wow Buddy (promo GOLDEN for 10% off).