Pit Bulls eat 🐥Quail&🐂🥩Beef Knuckle Steak combo [ASMR] MUKBANG 犬が生の肉を食べる[咀嚼音] Dog VLOG

Pit Bulls eat 🐥Quail&🐂🥩Beef Knuckle Steak combo [ASMR] MUKBANG 犬が生の肉を食べる[咀嚼音] Dog VLOG

🐂🥩Beef Knuckle Steak (Prime CUT)
🐓Chicken upper wing
🐓Chicken feet
🥚Quail eggs
💊Brewer yeast supplement pills

💧WATER : Raw apple cider vinegar + Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the water, so the drinking water becomes tasty but still healthy.

🍖*RAW diet is hi-protein so sufficient drinking water consumption is necessary, regarding to help kidney to reduce excessive workload.

Raw diet eating dogs should eat the raw food before finishing the drinking water, in order to have more effective digestion because too much water during the raw meal can dilute the hi-acidic juice in dog stomach.

🍽feeding: once a day (after ~12 month old) and a fastday (no feeding day) once a week. Amount of feeding basically based on their ideal condition body weights which Oliang is heavier than nomyen, when nomyen got the same amount as Oliang means she is being spoiled.

🎖The ranking position in our pack the owner is a boss (Alpha leader), Oliang is a Beta and nomyen is an Omega. Dog pack needs Hierarchy to maintain healthy pack. Dogs don’t care who is under or above but if they are confused, they will challenge and that is a fight!


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狗吃生肉, 개가 날고기를 먹는다, 犬が生の肉を食べる, สุนัขกินอาหารสดดิบ,
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