Sea Otters do NOT understand personal space! #shorts

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To sea otters, like Joey and Katmai, this is their world. We just provide the snacks and a place to sit!

See my reaction to the most common comment on my otter videos:

Both Joey and Katmai were rescued after being orphaned at a very young age. Joey the Sea Otter was rescued in 2020 off the coast of Vancouver Island after his cries were heard throughout the night. It was determined that he was only a day old and that his mother had tragically passed away. I was one of the lucky marine biologists who participated in his rescue and rehabilitation. Since he was so young at the time of rescue, biologists at the Department of Fisheries Canada determined that Joey the Sea Otter lacked the skills to survive in the wild and thus deemed him non-releasable. He has thrived under human care and adapted well to his new otter family.

Katmai, affectionally referred to as Queen Katmai by fans of her sea otter live stream, was found on the side of an Alaskan highway when she was just a 2 month old sea otter pup. It was believed she was separated from her mother during a vicious storm. Similar to Joey the Sea Otter, Katmai was evaluated by biologists with the NOAA and the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife, and was deemed non-releasable after it was determined that she lacked the skills to survive in the wild. I was one of the biologists who assisted in her rehabilitation and transfer from the Alaskan SeaLife Center to the Vancouver Aquarium where she found a permanent home and all the otter ice treats she could possibly want. She is named Katmai, after Katmai National Park in Alaska.

These two otters, and their otter family, have inspired countless people to care more about conservation and the health of our oceans.

Learn more about the special bond between mother sea otters and their pups, and why orphaned sea otters are poor candidates for release:

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