Rescued Sea Otter Splashes Her Paws in a Bucket of Ice #shorts

#seaotter #shorts #kpassionate
A rescued sea otter has a unique way of getting to treats frozen inside a bucket. Sea otters are incredibly smart animals who are adept at problem solving. In the wild, they use this problem solving ability to crack into the hard shells of prey items such as clams, abalone, and mussels. One of the tricky parts of caring for rescued sea otters is finding ways to simulate this mental activity. Here, I gave the sea otters durable buckets with frozen ice and shellfish inside. Needless to say, they were a huge with the the otters!

The sea otter drumming in her bucket of ice is named Moea. She was rescued, rehabilitated, and released multiple times after suffering injuries in the wild. After several failed release attempts, she was deemed non-releasable by government agencies and will remain under human care.

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